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Local Solo Musician of San Luis Obispo


11-07-13: Latest News on P.V. Herrera

P.V. Herrera is still writing his third record. There will be 10 new songs. You can listen to the three singles that will be on the album. It will be released on P.V.'s label "Guitar Creative Society" in America and BFW Recordings in the UK. The album will be out on bandcamp on GCS and via sonic squirel on Jan 6 2014 and the release date for BFW is unknown. Artwork is still TBD.  But its only 2 months away.

08-15-2013: News on Monday

There will be a new announcement on Monday.

What can it be?

Check out "People I Encountered" Project by Richard Fusillo featuing P.V. Herrea.


07-25-13: P.V. Herrera featured on the DIY SLO Comp.

P.V.'s song "Cousins" was feature to raise funds for a new veune in San Luis Obispo. You help and buy a track for dollar or more. The track was rerecorde as well, so grab it.



P.V. Herrera is looking for shows in local area of San Luis Obispo

if you would like to book P.V. Herrera for a show, please email pvherrerabooking(at)gmail.com

P.V. Herrera to be on the Death by Day Comp

"Crystal Clearwater" will be featured in the Death By Day Comp that will be handed for free. The CD features musicians ands friends like "We Were Superheroes" and others. Keep a eye out for it. P.V. Herrera is working on shows for the month of May.

March 07 2013: Upcoming shows in April

April 5th 2013: Bambu Batu at 8 pm

02-19-2013: Shows are coming in April.

April looks like a free time to play some shows to support Cigarettes and Weddings final shows and to prepare for the new album "Your Shinigmai Eyes", an 11 track album. I am planning shows and possibly will be playing at "The Hideout" in Nipomo, "Del Pizza", and "Bambu Batu" in San Luis Obispo all in April. Don't know what artist will want to play with me yet but will let you know in the Calendar tab that will list the shows. No word on when "Your Shinigami Eyes" will be released.

02-08-2013: SFC EP is out today at Noisetrade.com


Hope you enjoy it.

02-07-2013 Delay on the EP

There's been a delay on the "Supplements for Cigarettes" ep, it won't be out until Sunday, Feb 10th hopefully.

02-01-2013 News #1: Supplement for Cigarettes EP

The newest EP from P.V. Herrera comes out on Bandcamp next friday the 8th. It wil be a free download.

The ep is a remaking of songs from Cigarettes and Weddings. It feautres the four singles, remaded and with drums and vocals by P.V. Herrera.

Once released, it will be added to the music tab.

Cover art is a b-side behind the scene picture by Alexandera Wallace, who originally did the cover art for Cigarettes and Weddings.


Feel free to look around to learn more about P.V. Herrera and the music.