P.V. Herrera website

Local Solo Musician of San Luis Obispo


About P.V. Herrera

P.V. Herrera is 23 year old musician hailing from the Califorina, U.S.A.

He has released three albums, five eps, and two collabs to his name. four of those eps are out of print and no longer a download.

He often plays shows in San Luis Obispo County and Santa Maira only. 

He is known for his old side project "The Danger Girl Starship" which release 15 albums, incuding a double album, two eps and two live albums. The two eps from The Danger Girl Starship are a free download at BFW Recordings.

The following bands that he has play beside with at live shows are: El Ten Eleven, White Arrows, Evangelicals, Pit Er Pat, and others countless locals bands.